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This will be a long story. However, before I tell you the entire thing, visitors interested only in lyrics may go to the old site at:

Or you can use the search engine to your left to look for lyrics. ^_^ Just don't choose Heaven's Warble.

Realms of the Mind:
Snow's blog:

~~~Now the Story~~~

10, 000 years ago (or something like that) Snow started this website in the hopes that she can maintain it on a regular basis. She was very happy, and did update once every month as much as possible, tryign to learn the ropes of WYSIWYG html programming and other website related shindigs.

And then College came.

She tried to remain the same. believe me, she tried. However, College just isn't that easy. We lost her to the hustle and bustle of college life, and Heaven's Warble started to develop cobwebs.

but now, there is good news! We ave been able to save her form the pits of the dreaded term "schoolwork"

And now she's back! And raring to fix the new layout she promised. She has changed her mind, and decided to go frames to make layout changing much easier, especially since she discovered this thing called "iframes"

However, this is going to take a while. So if you guys would be patient enough to check this site once in a while, we would be most grateful. You can leave your comments and other whatnots in the guestbook. Or explore what the goddess has already done. The lyrics aren't up yet, though, that's going to be the last. Why? There are too many!!! Anyway, if the goddess changes her mind (& layout) yet again, we can have a tagboard! ^_^ In the meantime, please bear with us, and we hope you like the new layout.

Oh, btw, the search engine is here to stay. Hurrah!